September 14, 2007

Last week: Chinatown

Last Friday I spent the day in New York City. Took in a little bit of Fashion Week at Bryant Park (couldn't get inside the tent, but I was outside and saw some models and celebrities wandering in and out..and I think I saw Jeff Goldblum) and then went to Chinatown. While there, I went in to the little shops that litter Canal street. They're all basically the same, selling cheap knockoffs of luxury watches and purses. One guy tried to sell me a "Rolex" for $50. Well, I am a watch fanatic, but no thanks. I'd prefer the real thing any day. Just in case anyone else is interested in this, here's how to tell a real from a fake. Not that the $50 price tag isn't a big indication. The real ones start at around $3500.

While in the shop, little did I know that some of these stores have secret rooms that you can get trapped in for hours. Nice to know...just a little too late. Live and learn.

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