September 27, 2007

Going to Digital Life 2007

One of the biggest tech shows of the year opened today -- Digital Life in New York City. What makes this show different from most is that it's open to anybody, and it's geared toward consumers, not necessarily just professionals or industry-types-- everyone. Therefore, there's a broad spectrum of things you'll find there -- televisions, Blu-Ray + HD DVD players, cell phones, PDAs, home theaters, cars, desktop computers, laptop computers, robots, you name it. If it's tech-related, it will be there--usually in a big way. Another reason this show is so good is that it exists, and it's relatively young. The steam is still in it's stride. It's not a show that's been going on for 10-20 years, like the old PC Expo was. That show, and others like it, eventually burned themselves out, and now don't exist. DigitalLife, by contrast, is in it's 4th year, and if last year's show was an indicator, it's still going strong. Although personally, I'd like to see every square inch of the Javits Center utilized like it was back in the Internet World days (ahh...the good old days. Huge event, lots to see. Click to read an opinion by Alan Meckler, who used to own and run the Internet World show, after he attended the first Digital Life show 4 years ago. Suffice it to say he wasn't too impressed -- I'm sure it's gotten better since then). Maybe they'll pack them in better this year. The word from this year's coordinator, Monica Vila, is that it looks real good.

The press event beforehand seemed to have it's usual amount of hype surrounding it, according to CNET. Maybe someday I'll be able to go on a press pass? Hmmm.. that would be great.
And since this is all part of technology week in New York City, there was an event for that too, but it sounds like that event underdelivered.

Speaking of this year's show, it seems that so far the Newegg booth is one of the best to visit for giveaways -- good to know. I'll also be checking out the Palm Lounge, where they've today just announced the new Centro smartphone...whoops, excuse me, smart device. Seems they're using some phrasing to differentiate themself and their device. Smart move. I'll also check out booth # 622, U3 Smart Drives, where they've got a portable USB drive that is secure and will mimic your PC. Allows access to your applications, files, even your settings such as desktop wallpaper, etc. I've seen this done before, and it can even be done manually with just about any USB drive, but they look like they do it better. That's important. I'll check them out, and may even buy one.

I'll be going to this event on Friday (9/28), so expect some pictures and commentary shortly thereafter. Should be a good time, with lots of new stuff to report on. I love the smell of technology in New York City. Fall is here. Aaaahhh.

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