September 26, 2007

DRM-free Music; Weird Images and Videos

Lots to mention today. Things have been flitting across my desktop and I've been sticking them in "to-blog" pile.
Digital music's getting an interesting, in not naive, shot in the arm with the arrival of Amazon's no-DRM music downloads, as well as a new service called SpiralFrog, that gives you free music that contains embedded ads. I think Amazon's loss of DRM will make it money (as will the same technique on iTunes) and is a very good idea. I'm not so sure about SpiralFrog. I really think people want music, not ads. And I can't imagine anybody really utilizing this service to get the latest music singles, except possibly teenagers. Everyone else would just cough up the 99 cents and get on with their day.

If you've got some time and are inclined for some graphical fun (no, not that kind), check out this guy and his huge tongue. I know he's a whale, but still -- that's huge. Other graphical, animal sights include this snake, which apparently had a bit of indigestion with his meal -- a hippo. If we've still got your attention, there's a real good slideshow of a shop in New York City for Superheroes. Now I know where to get that cape fixed, or buy that magic lasso. I just can't decide.

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