September 30, 2007

Digital Life Swag

Just to wrap up the news from Digital Life, here's the official swag report:


1 Ooma pen
2 Opera pens
2 Palm pens
1 pen
2 dtv transition pens
1 picture of me with the New York Knicks cheerleaders (PRICELESS)
1 Elixir strings guitar pick
3 T-shirts: Ooma, Newegg, ("Play with me" logo on it)
1 deck of Vista playing cards (might be more useful than the actual OS)
3 drawstring napsacks
1 Opera software baseball cap
1 baseball cap
2 Palm Centro drink coasters
1 Palm rubber stress ball
1 Full game of Americas Army on CD
1 Xtatix glowing necklace
1 MobiTV wristband
1 stress ball/egg
3 Lord of the Rings Tattoos


Palm Centro
Godin Guitars games
Novint Falcon
Ablton live software
Xyber Technologies
John Lennon Songwriting Contest
Full Sail Real World Education
PC Magazine - latest issue postcard with Jimmy Fallon
Star Wars R2-D2 projector

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