April 23, 2007

Horror Writing, Star Wars, and Tabloid Nicknames

Amidst all the talk about the Virginia Tech shooting, certain voices rise above others. I guess it's my selective listening kicking in. We all have it -- we hear that which we want to hear, or that which matters to us or that we identify with. In my case, I heard the voices of the people saying, "How could the professors not know he was going to do something like this when you see the kind of stories he wrote in that creative writing class?". I heard this loud and clear, but it puzzled me. Yes, this was a terrible tragedy, no doubt. Let's get that out of the way right now. However, we do have a very active Horror genre out there, one which is enjoying a resurgence both in print and (especially) film. I seriously doubt anyone's trying to lock up Wes Craven or Rob Zombie. We also have writers out there that are very much revered, from our modern day Stephen King going all the way back to Edgar Allen Poe. My point is that there really needs to be a separation of thinking from the writer to the piece he's written. We must be careful about judging the writer...they're not all out to hurt people. This piece from Salon seems to agree with me, and for that I am very happy. It's a well balanced piece that offers information on both sides of the issue.

On a much lighter note, this piece from Wired magazine about the making of Star Wars offers details on an upcoming book and shows pictures taken before and during Star Wars, in the mid 1970's. Just looking at some of these pictures brings back memories from that time. Check them out yourself and get psyched for the 30th anniversary of Star Wars -- really, it's been 30 years? May 25 is the date to circle on your calendar, just in case you care, or want to send George Lucas even more money.

And, if you're dating someone and want one of those cool celebrity-style joint names to throw around, like Benniffer, or TomKat, check out this page which explains the whole thing and then has a generator for you to plug in your own names and get your very own tabloid-style monikor.

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