March 20, 2007

Spring means a Palm sale?

OK kids, get ready, because Spring is ready to explode all over your environment. When, you say? Well, according this chart on Wikipedia, Spring arrives at 12:07 am tommorrow. Yeah, bring it on. Sunshine, 70 degree weather and all the fixins that go with it. Unfortunately, many people in the northeast are still digging snow out of their driveways, so let's hold the barbecues until all this stuff melts.

With the arrival of Spring comes news that the often-reported sale of Palm is imminent. Sources say that the analysts fielding the offers and counseling Palm on this latest move want the deal done by March 22. Stay tuned here for more info, as its received.

Personally, I just want a new Palm device. Note to new owners: build it and I will buy.

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