March 05, 2007

NYC ComicCon 2007

Well, I'm pretty bummed out because I just found out that New York City's ComicCon convention took place last week, and I missed it. I had been telling a friend earlier in the year that I haven't been to one in ages (read: decades) and would love to go to the next one. Looks like I can save up that wish and bookmark February 2008 as my next attempt.

This years event focused a lot on the marriage of technology to traditional comics and how the two play nice with each other, and how sometimes they don't (there's a great video segment here). Particular attention was placed on gauging fans' reaction and seeing what they liked best about each medium. Older readers liked traditional comics, both for the tactile feel of holding the comic in their hands and also for the lack of eyestrain when they want to read through a bunch of comics. Reading on a CRT or LCD for that length of time is tough on older eyes. Also for the older readers the collectible quotient is high, meaning they want the real comics just as much for the thrill of having them as for their investment value. Younger readers, on the other hand, tend to shy away from the paper comics and flock to online or other softcopy formats (one such example mentioned was a DVD put out by Marvel comics that has hundreds of comics on it, making it possible for you to bring the equivalent of decades of comics with you on a plane or car trip -- an excellent time-diversion). Younger readers tend to be all about consumption, not collecting, meaning they'll take the comics in any format they can get them (preferably the formats they already use, i.e. softcopy), but they're not terribly interested in having them sit around in stacks.

After you've read through the article, check out the best costumes of the show, and more photos from the show.

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