March 16, 2007

Indiana Jones news; Harry Potter

Apparently Indiana Jones 4 is still a go. You'd never have thought so since the news coming out about it is virtually nonexistent. That is, until today, when it was revealed that Cate Blanchett will play a lead in the movie. Speculation has arisen whether it's Indy's love interest or daughter, but hey -- you gotta expect those things when you're 60+ years old. Shuffleboard anyone? And hey, can we finally learn where the heck that eye patch came from ? (see The Indiana Jones Chronicles if you don't know what the eye patch refers to)

Also in the news: seems like they'll make a symposium out of anything these days, even Harry Potter. I mean really -- discussions, dissertations, papers on Harry Potter? Really, I'd go just for the quidditch game.

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