March 07, 2007

Captain America, RIP

From the halls of "are you kidding me?" comes this tidbit: the Marvel comics Superhero known as Captain America, has been killed.

OK, wait for it. Wait for it.



We're at war and have been for years, and now Marvel's gone and killed off a character who plays into that so well that his storylines could actually mean something, and teach something, to the kids reading them today. But NO, they thought it was much better to just kill him off. Less work for them in the long run.

This is the same company who thought it prudent to give Spider-Man a clone, and just when people were starting to warm up to the idea of Peter Parker having a "brother" of sorts, they kill him off (go here to see scans of most of that story). Oh, thanks Marvel. Thanks for the memories.

I swear, this had better be for a real good reason, or be part of a damn good story arc (like I'll ever see it anyway). If they kill him off now and bring him back in the near future with a lame explanation, that will just be sad.

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