March 21, 2007

Spring wallpaper

Download some Spring wallpaper for your computer, courtesy of the Peanuts gang.

It's Spring! 2007 Edition

OK, so it's finally spring, one of my favorite days of the year. Everyone rejoice! We've come a long way through the cold and icy days of winter and groundhogs. Let's hope the temperatures jump up soon and really get this season going.

Don't forget to get your free iced coffee from Dunkin' Donuts today.

March 20, 2007

Spring means a Palm sale?

OK kids, get ready, because Spring is ready to explode all over your environment. When, you say? Well, according this chart on Wikipedia, Spring arrives at 12:07 am tommorrow. Yeah, bring it on. Sunshine, 70 degree weather and all the fixins that go with it. Unfortunately, many people in the northeast are still digging snow out of their driveways, so let's hold the barbecues until all this stuff melts.

With the arrival of Spring comes news that the often-reported sale of Palm is imminent. Sources say that the analysts fielding the offers and counseling Palm on this latest move want the deal done by March 22. Stay tuned here for more info, as its received.

Personally, I just want a new Palm device. Note to new owners: build it and I will buy.

March 16, 2007

Indiana Jones news; Harry Potter

Apparently Indiana Jones 4 is still a go. You'd never have thought so since the news coming out about it is virtually nonexistent. That is, until today, when it was revealed that Cate Blanchett will play a lead in the movie. Speculation has arisen whether it's Indy's love interest or daughter, but hey -- you gotta expect those things when you're 60+ years old. Shuffleboard anyone? And hey, can we finally learn where the heck that eye patch came from ? (see The Indiana Jones Chronicles if you don't know what the eye patch refers to)

Also in the news: seems like they'll make a symposium out of anything these days, even Harry Potter. I mean really -- discussions, dissertations, papers on Harry Potter? Really, I'd go just for the quidditch game.

March 12, 2007

Cell contracts and cameras

Speaking of cellular contracts, here's how to break yours, without paying the outrageous termination fees.

And, on the radar for later this year is the falling price of digtial SLR cameras. Currently in the $1,000 range, but not for long.

Is Palm Still in the Game?

So, now Palm finally finds it's voice and says it actually IS working on some new products. At last. What I'm hoping is that these new products are not just sequels to the Treo, but a full-fledged handheld device which can be used with or without a phone contract. Think wifi and a big screen, maybe a keyboard. Cool factor = 100. I know I'm dreamin', but the guy they've hired to do it (supposedly) has a track record for such things. We'll see.

March 09, 2007

More superhero fun

Just in case you're as bored as I am tonight and looking for something to do, check these out:

And even though it's not superhero-related, check out this bit from Tom Wilson, the guy who played Biff on Back to the Future (at least it ties in to the previous post...)

Brokeback to the Future

Sometimes a video is meant to be funny to ends up backfiring and becoming something else. Take this one for instance: I believe it was meant to be a takeoff on Brokeback Mountain using the Back to the Future stars, but instead it comes off as a very well done homage to the franchise, and to Michael J Fox. Funny? No, but a great selection of clips and editing. Enjoy.

Digital Text

Damn this is a good video. Tells the story of how HTML and web content got started and how it works now. It discusses how we're using the web and the many different forms of content and how it's now separated from presentation, enabling reuse wherever we want. It uses a really unique way of conveying the information; you'll have to click it and check it out for yourself.

Jack Bauer, Teaching Assistant

OK, it is a Friday so I need to put something fun up (and when have I ever failed to do that before?). Here's a YouTube video where Jack Bauer becomes a teaching assistant. I don't want to knock the creators, but it's not the best thing I've ever seen -- "Jack" doesn't look anything like Jack, same for "Tony". However, some of the stuff is pretty good -- I've never seen a stuffed animal tortured before.

March 07, 2007

Captain America, RIP

From the halls of "are you kidding me?" comes this tidbit: the Marvel comics Superhero known as Captain America, has been killed.

OK, wait for it. Wait for it.



We're at war and have been for years, and now Marvel's gone and killed off a character who plays into that so well that his storylines could actually mean something, and teach something, to the kids reading them today. But NO, they thought it was much better to just kill him off. Less work for them in the long run.

This is the same company who thought it prudent to give Spider-Man a clone, and just when people were starting to warm up to the idea of Peter Parker having a "brother" of sorts, they kill him off (go here to see scans of most of that story). Oh, thanks Marvel. Thanks for the memories.

I swear, this had better be for a real good reason, or be part of a damn good story arc (like I'll ever see it anyway). If they kill him off now and bring him back in the near future with a lame explanation, that will just be sad.

March 06, 2007

More 'Today', more Google phone talk, and more deposits?

There's still rumors about Google working on a cell phone all it's own, reportedly in conjunction with Samsung. How about some more details, Google? Specs, capabilities? Anything?

Meanwhile, the Today show is gearing up to add a fourth hour to it's programming (do we need a fourth hour? I mean, I like the show, but still...) and also an online counterpart, to take you through the entire rest of the day. we really need that much of the Today show? That much Al Roker can't be good for anybody.

And finally, a teenager in Germany found a way to leave a deposit that was inappropriate for the ATM. Check it out.

Fleming's Bond

Researchers put together all the physical attributes mentioned in the James Bond novels and interviews with the author, Ian Fleming and come up with a composite sketch. So, which of the cinematic James Bonds does it look most like?

More on Palm...including a non-believer

The Palm rumors are really swirling now. If something's not up, then all this commotion must really be off the mark, and at least person think it's all preposterous and untrue to begin with. It's stock price is up as are the number of rumors. Here's hoping some definitive news comes soon.

Amidst all this talk of takeovers and mergers and buyouts comes word that Palm is building a new facility in China. Odd for a company that may find itself as part of another company soon. And, on the innovation front, or what passes for innovation from Palm lately, is that they may be releasing details of a mysterious new device in May. According to the architect, Jeff Hawkins (otherwise known as the father and inventor of the whole Palm industry), it won't be a traditional Palm or a Treo. It will be new device designed from the ground up to be part of an active person's lifestyle, with access to a superfast Internet connection, all their data, pictures, videos, calendar, etc.

March 05, 2007

Blogging parents

In this world of blogging, where we put our thoughts, opinions and yes, personal information online, it's important to keep some safeguards in mind. So, if you're a blogging parent, here's some tips.

Tube TV's still sell

Not all the TVs flying out the doors of those big-box electronics stores are LCD or plasma, according to sales figures. Tube TVs still have a large following, in no small part because of their still-cheaper price and (some say) superior quality. Advocates say blacks are blacker and colors are more true. Who are these advocates, you say? Well, there's plenty of everyday people who have an opinion either through research or first-hand experience, but there's also this company you might of heard of -- George Lucas' Industrial Light and Magic (ILM). Now you're talking.

NYC ComicCon 2007

Well, I'm pretty bummed out because I just found out that New York City's ComicCon convention took place last week, and I missed it. I had been telling a friend earlier in the year that I haven't been to one in ages (read: decades) and would love to go to the next one. Looks like I can save up that wish and bookmark February 2008 as my next attempt.

This years event focused a lot on the marriage of technology to traditional comics and how the two play nice with each other, and how sometimes they don't (there's a great video segment here). Particular attention was placed on gauging fans' reaction and seeing what they liked best about each medium. Older readers liked traditional comics, both for the tactile feel of holding the comic in their hands and also for the lack of eyestrain when they want to read through a bunch of comics. Reading on a CRT or LCD for that length of time is tough on older eyes. Also for the older readers the collectible quotient is high, meaning they want the real comics just as much for the thrill of having them as for their investment value. Younger readers, on the other hand, tend to shy away from the paper comics and flock to online or other softcopy formats (one such example mentioned was a DVD put out by Marvel comics that has hundreds of comics on it, making it possible for you to bring the equivalent of decades of comics with you on a plane or car trip -- an excellent time-diversion). Younger readers tend to be all about consumption, not collecting, meaning they'll take the comics in any format they can get them (preferably the formats they already use, i.e. softcopy), but they're not terribly interested in having them sit around in stacks.

After you've read through the article, check out the best costumes of the show, and more photos from the show.

More on Palm

So now we have another source saying Palm's up for sale, and that they're advising them as to their options. I'm not sure whether to be exited about this or not. But, based on their non-innovation this past year or so, I'd say it might be a good thing if they got bought out. If it's Nokia that does the buying, I could see some great synergy happening between the two companies.

March 04, 2007

More Palm rumors...this time with Nokia

Dial "1" for rumors. I'm hearing more and more rumors of Palm being up for sale, as evidenced by this newest one naming Nokia as the potential suitor. While this would be pretty interesting since Nokia's got some pretty wild PDA/phone combos out there that are mind-blowing compared to the old-technology which has become Palm, and could infuse a shot of creativity into Palm's corridors, it should be noted that this is just a rumor. However, these rumors usually happen once or twice a year. I've heard 2 or 3 rumors in the last week. That alone tells me something may indeed be happening.

No more pole dancing

Sometimes you just have to know when enough is enough.

March 02, 2007

Starbucks Finder

Just in case having a Starbucks on every friggin' corner isn't enough for you, or in case you're not observant enough to see the signs, now there's another way for you to find the location of the nearest overpriced coffee hut: a text message. It's an automated service where you send a text with your zip code to the Starbucks number and it sends you the location of the three nearest Starbucks.

I'm just wondering, if you're too lazy to look around and see all the Starbucks out there (and there's a lot) will you do this?

Password Protectors

So, Apple's recommending that people write down their passwords just in case they forget them and need to look them up. Umm...yeah...that might just be a real easy way for someone to get all your passwords, no? Nevertheless, Apple's providing a nice form you can fill out, so if you really want it, head on over to their site and download away.

While most people probably won't do this, there are other ways to secure this data while making it easy for you get at. One such way that I've written about before is with EssentialPIM, a free personal information manager (think: Palm, just without the device it goes on). Other software tools include Evernote (absolutely great program) and LockBox, an online file locker for your information. Check them out and see which fits best.

Brittany's Hair; Revision3's Original Video Content

Plenty of things to talk about today. Apparently Brittany Spears' hair was up for auction on Ebay, although a quick check just now showed nothing. It's a safe bet that the auctions have been pulled. Amazing what they'll sell though.

I wrote previosly about a site called Revision3 which had caught my eye, due to the similarity of it's name to this site (and hey -- did anyone else notice that their site design isn't that different from what I've done in the past? Eerie). I've since checked out their site and they create a bunch of original programming for the 'net. Most of it is very well done and fun. This story details their latest plans for attracting more readers and viewers, this time in the music space.