February 15, 2007

Scale like Spider-Man, get Vista for free

Amazing inventions are just a web click away. An MIT student has developed a way to let regular people (OK, police and firefighters; I doubt they're going to give me one of these things) a way to scale buildings like Spider-Man. Cool (speaking of Spider-Man, I caught this story, which somehow escaped my notice back in December).

In other news. Bill Gates isn't very happy about the recent "I'm a PC and I'm a Mac" commercials. Geez, with all that money, doesn't the guy have a sense of humor?

Ways to get Windows Vista capabilities and looks on your current non-Vista rig, and ultra-small PC's are all the rage at the Consumer Electronic's Show (CES). You know I want one, but with price tags between $1000 - 2000, I think it will have to wait. I'd settle for a brand new Palm, and while that doesn't look like it will happen any time soon, they are trying to move things along and grab market share in Europe . The problem is: Europe's already got Symbian and they're quite happy with it, thanks. Good luck there Palm. Maybe innovating instead of just cranking out Treos would make you more attractive. Damn it, give us some cool new features we actually want, and maybe wrap it up in a shiny new handheld. Not everyone wants a new phone.

And, speaking of things I want, there's a new player in the flat-panel TV area, and it's cutting costs to make a name in the industry. How much cost-cutting? How about half-price? Now your'e talking.

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