February 26, 2007

More Palm Rumors

Ah, my beloved Palm. I've used you since 1996 and loved every day of it. Yes, I've wandered across the trailer lot to Windows Mobile-land a few times, but hey -- a guy's gotta look around every now and then, right? Well, more and more now I hear rumors about your demise and it just makes me sad. Rumors that you're going down for the last time, that you're on your last legs, that you've jumped the shark and preparing to sell the company. Now those rumors have resurfaced. Please Palm, say it ain't so. Remember all the good times we've had; all the things we've seen and done together. Continue to innovate and come out with some unbelievable product that will have everyone throwing away their Motorola Qs, their Blackjacks, and not even look at that iPhone which is poised to blow away all comers. Do it Palm. Do it.

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