February 20, 2007

Microsoft's Free Virtual Emulator and Damn Small Linux

Microsoft recently released a new emulator for it's Windows XP and Vista operating systems. While it gets props for making it free, it loses for the environments it can emulate. I mean, if you've got a brand new Vista machine, do you really want to emulate Windows Millenium (ME)? I think not. I'd love it if they opened it up a bit so you could emulate Mac OSX, or some of the other more obscure OS's. Apparently it can run IBM's OS/2 Warp (a damn fine OS in it's day, and ahead of it's time), and some people have had success getting Linux to run on it. Now that it's out, it's up to the hackers to make it do what it really should.

Speaking of Linux, I've posted before about some of the different flavors I've tried and liked. I've just been introduced to another one, which you may to try out as well. Damn Small Linux. Small enough to be installed and run off a USB key, making for a very modular and portable OS. I like it. Sometime soon I'll put it on a USB device and give it a whirl.

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