January 23, 2007

iPhone musings

So, I've been meaning to post some thoughts on the new iPhone. Seems like a really good device, and it certainly caught my attention as well as many other people's. You would have thought that Steve Jobs delivered something from heaven above to save humanity. In reality, he delivered a nice phone with some new features, not seen before in a cell phone package.

While some people definitely want it to succeed, there are others who are actively posting it's shortcomings and putting up the "stay away" signs. If I can add my thoughts on the subject, and I haven't seen this posted yet so I may just have a new and unique opinion, it's that this could be Steve Jobs' revenge for the ill-fated Newton. Yes, although Apple hasn't gotten into the PDA game since the Newton days, this could be the way they're getting back into it: through a cell phone...or is it an iPod with cell phone capabilities... or is it a true palmtop computer... or is it a personal media player (PMP)? Whatever you choose to view it as, it's certainly a breakthrough device, but could just be their backdoor way into the world of PDAs. Of course, Steve Jobs would vehemently deny this, saying "No, no, it's just an iPod and cell phone!", but clearly it's about more than that.

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