January 25, 2007

Long Live Van Halen

It's been a while since they've been in the news, but apparently Van Halen is planning a comeback of sorts with their original frontman David Lee Roth. Good to see the guys back in action. Hopefully they can still provide a good show.
More details here.

January 24, 2007

Creating holiday movies

This is mainly as a reminder for myself, since I've taken tons of holiday movie clips since Thanksgiving. One of my tasks for this winter is to compile all of them into a watchable movie. You know, edit out all the boring parts, include only the good stuff, and maybe add a neat soundtrack playing in the background. Maybe you're in the same boat. If so, check out this video editing advice from USA Today.
My goal is to get it done before spring hits. No one wants to watch Christmas videos 3 or 4 months after the fact.

January 23, 2007

Interesting Quotes and HD Porn

Some things are just too interesting too ignore so I gladly pass them along. A comparison between hundred-dollar laptops and beautiful women and a reaction to a new agreement deal by Microsoft, "Excuse me while I throw up". Indeed.

Not quite related to throwing up, but a stone's throw away, the porn industry is rushing to adapt to and adopt HD formats for it's DVDs. The only problem is that in an industry that prides itself on showing everything, they've found that HD shows things that some people don't want to see. Quite the irony.

iPhone musings

So, I've been meaning to post some thoughts on the new iPhone. Seems like a really good device, and it certainly caught my attention as well as many other people's. You would have thought that Steve Jobs delivered something from heaven above to save humanity. In reality, he delivered a nice phone with some new features, not seen before in a cell phone package.

While some people definitely want it to succeed, there are others who are actively posting it's shortcomings and putting up the "stay away" signs. If I can add my thoughts on the subject, and I haven't seen this posted yet so I may just have a new and unique opinion, it's that this could be Steve Jobs' revenge for the ill-fated Newton. Yes, although Apple hasn't gotten into the PDA game since the Newton days, this could be the way they're getting back into it: through a cell phone...or is it an iPod with cell phone capabilities... or is it a true palmtop computer... or is it a personal media player (PMP)? Whatever you choose to view it as, it's certainly a breakthrough device, but could just be their backdoor way into the world of PDAs. Of course, Steve Jobs would vehemently deny this, saying "No, no, it's just an iPod and cell phone!", but clearly it's about more than that.

January 05, 2007

Game News

Microsoft's extending the warranty on the Xbox360, and the next-gen console shortage could actually last well into 2007. I mean, I know we're there now, but I had expected things to get back to normal after the holiday rush. Apparently this may not be the case.

I finally found some actual admission of how scarce the Nintendo DS was this holiday season, especially the pink one. Seems like I searched forever before I found one, but found one I did. It kicked just about every other new system out of the water in terms of sales. It's worth it. I still can't decide whether to get the Polar White one or the Black. Decision to be made this weekend...hmmm...

January 04, 2007

Gross James Bond

No, not gross as in disgusting; gross as in who's made the most money averaged out over all their movies? USA today's done some of the homework for us and even included Daniel Craig in the mix. So far his figure stands at $146 million.

List of US Presidents

With the death of Gerald Ford, talk of US Presidents has been topical lately. There was a disagreement earlier among two friends of mine because one said there's never been two Presidents named Johnson, and the other insisted there had been. A quick trip to the 'net proved the second friend right. See for yourself, the list of US Presidents, and then check out the sidebar on the right for interesting goings on currently at the White House.

January 03, 2007

Welcome to 2007

Well, it's been an interesting holiday. I took off and pretty much dropped off the face of the planet (and the 'net) around December 15. Didn't do a whole lot of web surfing and certainly didn't do much posting here. For that matter, I've noticed that historically (I've had this site since 2001) I don't post at all during the month of December. Hmm... at least I'm consistent, but it's something I definitely have to work on and plan for next December.

Speaking of my holiday (you were wondering, weren't you?) it was jam packed with events but still managed to be relaxing. A delicate but worthwhile balance. I tried to get an Xbox360 on Thanksgiving for $100 (no luck, but it was fun trying), I thought about buying the Mio H610 GPS unit on Black Friday but passed on it and now really do want it, drooled over all the LCD flat-screen televisions on sale and decided sometime this year or next christmas for sure I'll pick one up (apparently, a lot of people are doing this), I saw some relatives, did my annual guy shopping night with a buddy (no women allowed -- we literally spent an hour just looking at tools. That's my idea of a good time shopping), went to some Christmas concerts, did the obligatory Christmas eve church service, tried out a new ice cream place that recently opened up called Cold Stone Creamery where they "carve" out the ice cream with spades and make whatever concoction you want on marble tablets, had a great Christmas day and got lots of nice gifts, but then had a brutal New Years Eve where I had a headache/sinus/migraine and a house full of people for a party. So, I'm trying to talk to them and socialize and my head is pumping and pounding and I feel like the ball's already dropped in my head. My guests must have thought I was drunk, but I didn't have anything to drink, for fear it would have sent me even further off the dizzy end of the pool and they'd find me on January 1 face down outside.
The next day I medicated myself and felt much better. Mental note: I should have done that a day earlier and I could have salvaged New Years Eve. Ugh. At least the food and company were good.

So that's my holidays in summary form. But enough with that, It's now a new year, and it's back to the blogging. I'm currently in search of a way to get a second phone line into my house without paying much for it. I'm currently very interested in Skype, although some concerns about its security do give me pause. I'll probably give it a try, but for now I'm still in the investigating stage. A full years worth of unlimited calls to US and Canada for $14.95 does sound good though!

Speaking of good deals, apparently lots of people hit the net for their gifts this year. I know it's becoming more and more of a resource that people are using and making a part of their holiday shopping. I've heard of many people who have even foregone the Black Friday sales in person in lieu of getting the same deals online in their pajamas. Hey, if it works, that's great. For me, it's kind of a ritual to get up at some ridiculous hour and be at the mall at a similar ridiculous hour (this year it was up at 4 AM, at the mall at 5 AM). But it just might be fun to do the whole thing online.