December 19, 2006


Lincoln automobiles has a cool new ad campaign. It's called the Lincoln Dream sweepstakes. You go to and enter to win a new Lincoln car or SUV. Pretty standard fare, right? Well, they've gone one better. Or many better, in fact. They've either partnered with or created a separate web site (I'm unsure at this point if it's all part of their promotion -- if it is, then it's pretty elaborate and very, very well done) where people can register what their dreams are. People with the same interests and dreams can then converse with one another, gather tips, swap stories and encourage each other, gaining knowledge that's relevant and important to their dream in the process. It's a pretty neat idea. Check it out here.
I'm currently reading one of "dream sections" about writing and publishing your own book. Always been a dream of mine.

December 16, 2006

Santa's got a blog

Actually, several of them. I've checked out a few of them and think they're really interesting; great fun for anyone, including kids.
I didn't see it mentioned in the story, but I also read