November 08, 2006

They love Craig as Bond

OK, as promised, more Bond news. Not the promotional/advertising kind mentioned yesterday (yes, I will get to that) but more of the straight news type. Apparently, although I'm still not real keen on him, the critics love Daniel Craig. Yep, that's right. Love him. Gotta love the Craig. They're saying things that really shouldn't be said, such as, "He's the best James Bond Ever". Yikes. With that much pressure, the film is sure to flop. Just wait. OK, I made that up. But still, to follow in the footsteps of Connery and his apparent successor Brosnan, and then to have this kind of press, it's incredible. Casino Royale will either be a huge success or a bomb. You heard it here; I'm not afraid to say it.

Apparently the movie is noteworthy for other reasons also. There's a car stunt that breaks a world record for the most number of "cannon rolls". Bring in the stunt double!

And, as the movie opening draws near, former Bonds are starting to weigh in. Roger Moore says he's a fan of Daniel Craig but that "Bond doesn't require good acting". Ouch. I'm sure Daniel Craig is sending over a nice fruit basket for that backhanded compliment.

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