November 10, 2006

Bond, Zune, and Video Game Systems

More buzz about Casino Royale, apparently the reviewer was fascinated by Bond's early years. Whatever.

Microsoft's Zune is just about to be put on the streets for sale to the public, and in general it's getting good reviews. USA Today seemed to like it, as did Walt Mossberg of the Wall Street Journal, although both reviews state that at present it's no iPod killer, so don't trade it in just yet.

If you're excited about Microsoft's new operating system, Vista, get used to new sounds when you start it up. No more ta-daaaaa. Of course you can always change it back.

Jerry Seinfeld showed up at New York's FourSquare media conference and ripped the TV industry a new one, saying "They don’t have confidence in their instincts. Maybe they don’t have instincts to be confident in?”.

Finally, there's yet one more rundown of the upcoming new game systems. Which one to buy? This story is one of the first to mention an alternative many have overlooked: simply wait to see which shake out to be the best. Now that's a smart alternative.

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