October 20, 2006

Tons of tech stuff

One small note that I haven't mentioned from the DigitalLLife show. I saw a service called ibloks, which allows user to upload videos, music, and gobs of other stuff and then create a video out of it. While the service looks pretty cool, and is probably easier than doing it manually on your PC or Mac, I have to say it was frustratingly slow. The videos it creates must be huge, since I waited and waited for not one, but a few different ones to download so I could see them in their entirety -- but not one ever finished, because either the site was slow or the videos too fat. Bah. I'd rather create it myself using Apple's movie maker or Windows Movie Maker. Probably the same results, but smaller filesize.

OK, that's the old stuff. There's a ton of new stuff that's come in. Let's start with Sony finally talking about the online capabilities of the PS3. It's nice for them to finally give us some info since the device is only a few weeks away from ending up in stores.

Google's getting into the political action, with a tie-in to Google Earth that shows you Congressional races for whatever area you choose. The service will then show you the candidate's positions and give you a quick way to compare. Nice.

Finally, there's a new Blog out from CNET called Crave. It's kindof half-blog and half CNET web site. Think Engadget and you've pretty much got it. Still, it's a nice addition, especially when you're tech-hungry and rabid for the latest news.

Yes, I know I said TONS of tech stuff...but I'm leaving more for tommorrow. Stay tuned.

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