October 24, 2006

More Techno-goodness

In the words of Mr. T in Rocky III: "I got a lot more for ya"!

After all, I did promise.

With that in mind, there's more techno-goodness today. With the holiday season fast approaching (I know, it seems a little early to be mentioning it, but the retailers are heating up already) these stories are just popping up all over the place. Here's a great story about the upcoming console wars and what might happen...I like how they're projecting what happens now and who emerges the winner will affect and almost predetermine what happens in 2011. 2011? Man, that's a pretty far-reaching scope of impact, but OK.

There's also speculation about Apple producing it's own iPhone in January, and even talk about what it will be like. This is all highly speculative, but you've gotta admit, for a company that never releases information before their big worldwide announcements, the rumors are usually pretty dead-on (all except for those rumors about a Newton resurgence -- those you can disregard). Let's just hope this phone, if it is real, is better than the Motorola ROKR.

While we're talking tech, WalMart looks to up the ante this holiday season. They want to aggressively push products, and you know for WalMart that means cutting prices. So, for all of you that like the gadgets, keep you eye on WalMart from now until Christmas, particularly Black Friday. If they make good on their promise, you might be swimming in deals.

Finally, Microsoft's upcoming OS Vista, aims to make your life easier by handling your digital photo responsibilities for you. The only problem? Some testers are saying it does too much, and not all of it the way you'd want. "That's OK, Artoo...I'd like to keep it on manual control for awhile..."

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