October 26, 2006

More next-gen console news

So much interesting stuff, so little time. We're really getting close now to the new consoles debuting, and you can tell by the amount of news that's coming out every day. For instance, Best Buy employees are forbidden from using their insider status for purchasing Playstation 3's. Similarly, EB employees are being told they'll be fired if they flip a PS3 or Wii on Ebay (flipping is buying something and then immediately selling it for profit). Apparently, they're not restricted from purchasing the items, but once they do, the serial numbers will be recorded and EB authorities (do such job titles even exist for EB?) will be monitoring the Ebay auctions.

There's also some information on Target issuing Wii and PS3 gift cards, with specific glow in the dark LED light facades, similar to what Circuit City did about a year or so ago with the iPod Shuffle gift cards.

Finally, if you're lucky enough to get a PS3, check out exactly what you'll be walking out the door of the mall with: one freakin' huge box.

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