October 26, 2006

Happy birthday to iPod, great swag tips, and create your own flamethrower

It's the fifth birthday of the iPod. Here's some things we hate about it. OK, these aren't really my opinions, but they do make a good point. I'm totally on-board with the FM radio idea. Seems like a pretty cheap thing to include. I'm also not totally happy with the battery life. I've got one that's all but dead right now, throwing up an error message sending me to http://www.apple.com/ipod/support. Even after following the repair and recover tips on the site, it's still not working. Ugh. Must try more this weekend.

Since I recently went to the DigitalLife trade show in New York City, this story caught my eye: how to get the really good swag at trade shows. Wow, if only I'd known.

We'll round out this post with a listing of some of the worst digital cameras (I've heard so many horror stories about that Pentax Optio E10) and how to make your own flamethrower out of Legos. yes, that's right...Legos. The very same toys some of you let your children play with. Toss that parent of the year award right out the window.

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