September 05, 2006

Summer Sun -vs- Summer Shade

I'm still in kind of a funk after the whole end of summer Labor Day thing. I had meant to do a write-up yesterday as part of the whole "It's Labor Day" theme, but time got away from me. I was busy enjoying that last day of unofficial summer, as I'm hoping you all were.

This morning I had a thought about all this "unofficial end of summer" versus the real summer schedule, as dictated by the actual seasons and the position of the earth to the sun. Here's my thoughts as to how to separate and identify the two:

  • The "unofficial" summer schedule starts on Memorial Day weekend, at the end of May. This year Memorial Day was May 29, and of course that weekend (May 26-29) was the Memorial Day Holiday weekend, the start of the summer season. The unofficial season ended yesterday, which was Labor Day.
  • The "official" summer season, according to the seasonal equinoxes and every printed calendar on Earth, started on June 21 with the summer solstice and ends this year on September 23 with the Autumnal equinox, a name so cool it almost makes me enjoy it.

So, what we can see by this is that the two schedules overlap a lot, but the the unofficial schedule starts earlier (end of May) and also ends earlier, at Labor Day. I propose that this period should be referred to as the "summer sun", to indicate it's the prime summertime season. Enjoy it, bask in it, bathe in it.

The period directly after Labor Day, which we're in right now, is still officially summer, yet people tend not to think of it that way. To them, things are changing already and they tend to think of it already as Autumn. My thoughts are that we should celebrate this as still being summer, and refer to this period as the "summer shade", indicating it's still summer but it's the last waning instances.

So for now, we're still in "summer shade" (or summer's shade, if you prefer) which still qualifies as summer. We've got 17 days left until the autumnal equinox... enjoy them!

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