September 13, 2006

Showtime for Apple, Sony tries a fall rally

Under the headline of "It's Showtime", Apple finally had their event yesterday, which amounted to -- what else -- product announcements. This time around, Steve Jobs, decked out in a more appropriate button-down shirt to go with his trademark blue jeans, showed the world that iTunes now offers full-length movie downloads as well as TV shows and music. This pretty much completes the picture of digital entertainment in my book. Jobs also proved that the iPod Shuffle isn't dead, just being reborn -- but smaller. Much smaller. Think the original was minimalistic? Check out the new one. It makes the Nano look gigantic, but then again, that's been updated too, and is now available in metallic skins and different colors, reminiscent of the old iPod mini.
As if all that wasn't enough, also making it's debut is iTV, which marks the missing link from the computer room to the living room. Essentially, it's hardware that connects iTunes on your computer, with your music, TV shows, and now movies, to your television. And it does it wirelessly. Neat.

While all this is great and offers people lots of fun toys to put on their Christmas list, you can understand that Sony might get a little nervous and want some of the love. "Hey! We make electronics too!" They're pinning their hopes on some of their latest wares, but in reality, they're not as sexy as anything Apple showed. That Playstation 3 can either be Sony's salvation -- or a big nail in the coffin. No pressure, big boy. You just take your time.

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