September 25, 2006

Mucus robots and flying Virgin Atlantic

OK, two things you don't want flying around: Mucus robots and laptops on Virgin Atlantic airplanes. Should I continue, or give you a moment to contemplate? OK, let's begin. A researcher in the Netherlands is devising mucus-riding robots to make the diagnosis of internal conditions that much easier. While not yet ready, these robots could be in action by the end of the year, riding your mucus and reporting back on what it finds via it's on-board camera. Here's a sample, future, report from my system: "[static] There's nothing but caffeine here, sir!".

Also, in the category of things NOT being where they belong comes word that Virgin Atlantic airplanes are now not allowing laptops on board if the battery is identified as being from the affected batch as identified by Apple and Dell. Whoa. Mucus-riding robots good; Apple and Dell laptop batteries BAD.

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