September 01, 2006

Disney Fingerprints, You're Fired, and...the Bee Gees?

Walt Disney's catching some heat lately for it's policy of taking and storing it's visitor's fingerprints at it's theme parks. Disney's trying to play semantics on the whole thing, saying what they have represents the "mathematical representation of the prints, not the prints themselves". Ummm...OK...but why do you need that at all? Tickets to your theme park are like, what, $100 a day? And then you're going to catalogue all of us and keep our records in your Mickey Mouse vault? I think not. Cease and desist now. Now I say.

Carolyn Kepcher, Donald Trump's former right-hand lady and co-star of the hit (read: washed up) TV show The Apprentice heard some familiar words the other day: You're Fired. Familiar in that she's heard them every freaking week on that TV show, but never heard issued to her. Now that's changed, and the Donald has asked Kepcher to leave, saying she's become a prima donna and too much of a celebrity. one's safe anymore.

Speaking of unsafe, I thought the 70's and Disco were soooooo over. At least, that was a conceit that helped me sleep at night. But, say it ain't so because the record label responsible for bringing all of that crap to us in the first place is re-releasing the Bee Gees entire catalog, and they're starting by reissuing the first 3 albums. Polyester pants...activate!

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