August 08, 2006

Sony's Mylo

I'm still in search of a good handheld to replace my trusty old Palm Tungsten E. A co-worker today was talking to me about it today and remarked, "It's really just a toy, isn't it?". Well, not really, but I couldn't convince him of that. So, in my search for a new "toy", I've been looking high and low. New today, and just announced, is a new device from Sony calld the Mylo (My Life Organized). It's got web browsing, music playing (up to 45 hours on it's batteries, which is phenomenal), instatnt messaging, and free phone calls via Skype software. Alas, it has absolutely no calendar or contacts list, making it useless for my work life. The search continues. Check it out anyway, maybe it's the device for you.

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