August 21, 2006

News on Gadgets, Disney and Couric on demand

A nice mix of things today, but favored heavily in the gadget department. First, while the world waits for the new Playstation 3, Sony is giving us instead a pink Playstation 2 for the holidays. ***&&$####? Are you kidding me?

In better, and more honest to goodness REAL new products being announced (not like you Sony -- shame on you), there's a new Sandisk player in town, and it looks poised to take on the Nano and win hands-down. There's also a new handheld/PDA which promises to combine a laptop and a PDA (yeah, we've heard that before), a supplier has been chosen to create the ID chips in all the new US passports, and Google opens up it's online word processor, which among things, allows you to freely create PDFs, thereby undercutting Adobe's software by hundreds of dollars.

If you're into multimedia, check out this collection of old Disney animator's pictures, kind of a behind-the-scenes look at the animators in the company's heyday, and Katie Couric's broadcast will be simulcast live on the 'net.

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