July 20, 2006

YouTube's Best, Art and Artists Galore

Some great YouTube videos, including "the extreme diet Coke and Mentos experiment". I first saw that re-created on Late Night with David Letterman (you can see Dave do it here but you'll need RealPlayer), but this YouTube clip inspired Dave to do it. There's ten videos in all, including Microsoft's Steve Ballmer doing his now infamous "Developers" chant, and a Steve Jobs clip from 1981, where he dared to dream about a computer that would be the size of a book. Hey, was he right or was he right?

Also, check out the guy who designs Google's logos. You've seen them plenty of times-- not just the regular Google logo, but all the special ones too, such as the Holiday ones (Christmas, New Years, Valentine's Day, etc.) and any other special events.

Speaking of artists, you too can be a comic book creator, 21st century style. This new software [supposedly] makes it easy. Go here for the full story.

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