July 21, 2006

Vader and Bush video clips, great video game moments

More YouTube goodness. For all the Star Wars fans out there (isn't that everybody?) check out Chad Vader, day shift manager at a supermarket. He's the lesser force-gifted brother of Darth Vader.

There's also quite a bit of hoopla concerning President Bush's impromptu back rub he gave German Chancellor Angela Merkel. The YouTube video is here, but it's only a few seconds long. We take what we can get some days. Apparently, so does Bush.

For a nostalgic look at gaming, check out 55 greatest video game moments. Sad to say, I remember lots of the older ones but not some of the newer ones. Although I was a big Star Wars: Shadow of the Empire fan, as well as Burnout Revenge. That's mixing the old with the new. I'm just annoyed they didn't list Tron.

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