July 28, 2006

Two up and coming items to watch for

Microsoft has finally fessed up to wanting a piece of the iPod pie. They're developing a whole strategy, code-named Zune, which will include a device and a new music store. Oh joy. Although this may be better than the "Plays for Sure" strategy, I predict an initial groundswell as people check it over and we get bathed with advertising, but then a rather dramatic, if not predictable, dive as it goes down in flames.

A safer bet to place would be Opera's upcoming release, Opera 10. Although not enjoying the success and poster-boy recognition of Firefox, it's nonetheless a great browser which has been that way since before Firefox. That's right kids, those guys in Norway have been offering you a choice for years and lots of people didn't bother to try them out. Tabbed browsing? Invented there. Check it out.

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