July 18, 2006

Back in Business

Well, for a long time I didn't think I had anything to say. There were for sure some good opportunities for blogging, lots of funny stuff that happened in the news, and plenty of other topical things to write about. But I just wasn't taking the time. After taking the time off, I feel ready to go at it again. That, plus the fact that I've done some site housekeeping that makes me happy. The past articles page has now been updated, and I'm quite happy with it. When I made the move to blogger in 2004, it had it's own way of archiving the stories, which didn't mesh well with the way I was doing and organizing it. So I finally buckled down and made the two work well together, and updated the corresponding page to list everything. Check it out sometime; the past articles are pretty fun to read and it's also fun to see how this site has progressed, both editorially and most noticeably, visually. Different layouts have been tried over different years and you see the directions I've gone and the choices I've made. It's a neat site time-capsule.

You should see some more posts in the future. Enjoy!

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