July 31, 2006

Boy George picking up trash

What a sight this would be. Boy George picking up trash along the side of the road. Maybe he would even sing, "Do you really want to hurt me?". Beware of the answer George. Beware.

Solution for a hot car

All of us across the United States are pretty much in this together. The hot temperatures, the humidity, going out to your car to find it a very very expensive easy bake oven. Now a solution may be at hand-- a seat cooler that cools things down, reportedly very quickly. It's funny how we have seat warmers for the wintertime, now we'll have this for the summer. Is your ass never happy?

The good egg

This egg tells you when it's done.

Bikini business

That title sounds like it could almost be the name of a business. Hmm..I like it already -- [ahem]. Looks like the not so humble bikini has just taken a technological leap forward. Now the bikini will talk to you and alert you that you've been exposed to the sun for too long. That's pretty good, but how long will it be before the same bikini starts alerting you that there's losers in your general area? "Alert, Alert! Loser in the area! Vacate the premises now! Cover up, cover up! You've been exposed! Go go go!"

Cingular's surcharge

And I thought Verizon was lame for starting nights at 9 pm and not enabling all the bluetooth profiles in it's phones. Looks like Cingular takes the cake though. If you've got an old Cingular phone, you'll be forced to pay a $5 per month surcharge for the privilege of using said crappy phone. It's all part of Cingular's plan to get you onto a new phone, so their all-important network will be happy.

Vista, I scoff at thee

At an event showcasing Microsoft's new operating system Vista, they went to demo the voice recognition software -- and it crashed. Aaaahhh...that's gotta hurt. I'm so sure the world will be revolutionized by this when it comes to market.

It's Shark Week

Hmm... it's about 100 degrees across most of the United States. So, you start thinking about going swimming -- but not so fast! It's Shark Week on the Discovery Channel. Fun to watch, but it's more of a spectator sport, really. You don't want to be involved in these activities. Check out Bight University (why couldn't they have spelled it B-I-T-E?) for more info on Shark Week.

PDAs -- someone got it right

Finally, someone got it right in regards to consumer devices. More features are nice, but it must be easy to use and understand. Learning curves need not apply. Palm has had this attitude since the beginning, but lately has failed to produce.

How good is Palm without an operating system?

It sounds like an ethics question: if a handheld maker doesn't have an operating system, can it truly create products? The quick answer would be "no", but we'll have to see what palm comes up with in the near future. They haven't had any new devices in a while, but Fall is one key time they usually introduce new devices. We'll see what happens then, if anything. We may be witnessing the final stages of the death of this entity, which would really tick me off since then I'd have to go full-tilt into Windows mobile. Bah.

July 28, 2006

Fireworks Pictures

Well, it is a little late, and I myself could have used this information as I tried to take pictures of fireworks on July 4 to little avail (I think I got 3 good pictures..and by good I mean the explosion of the firework is indeed captured in the print. I do NOT mean that it's by any means a good photograph) but better late than never I supposed. Here's some advice on how to take pictures of fireworks.

Steely Dan's mad... and writing about it

The band members from Steely Dan claim the premise of the new movie You, Me, and Dupree was lifted from one of their songs. And they're not happy about it. They've gone so far as to write a letter to Luke Wilson, the brother of the main actor in the movie, Owen Wilson (better known for his parts on Wedding Crashers, Shanghai Knights, etc.. They're turning to Luke to try and "straighten Owen out". In return they're offering lots of cool Steely Dan merchandise like tshirts, coffee mugs and key chains. Hmmm..some incentive. Check out the letter here, but in my opinion they should stick to their music. This writing thing doesn't seem to suit them. It reads more like an aside during a jam session.

Heads up for the Perseids

I know I write about this every year, but I'm starting earlier this year. The Perseids meteor shower will occur August 12 and 13. I'm just gettin' you ready, that's all.

Bulid a Bootable Windows Thumb Drive

Ever wished you could just take your computer with you wherever you went? Not a laptop, mind you, or even a PDA -- but just about everything. Your own operating system and key files. Say you're at a friend's house and want access to your own data and your own OS's look and feel. No problem. Now it can be done, by putting it on a portable thumb drive.

Two up and coming items to watch for

Microsoft has finally fessed up to wanting a piece of the iPod pie. They're developing a whole strategy, code-named Zune, which will include a device and a new music store. Oh joy. Although this may be better than the "Plays for Sure" strategy, I predict an initial groundswell as people check it over and we get bathed with advertising, but then a rather dramatic, if not predictable, dive as it goes down in flames.

A safer bet to place would be Opera's upcoming release, Opera 10. Although not enjoying the success and poster-boy recognition of Firefox, it's nonetheless a great browser which has been that way since before Firefox. That's right kids, those guys in Norway have been offering you a choice for years and lots of people didn't bother to try them out. Tabbed browsing? Invented there. Check it out.

Music and Warcraft Videos

We just can't seem to get enough of YouTube. Here's a list of the top 100 music videos, all of which are available on YouTube. I know it's not as entertaining as seeing Darth Vader work in a supermarket, but it could still be interesting, particularly viewing the videos of some of those 80's bands. Duran Duran, Flock of Seagulls...hmm...it's funny already.

Also check out this Google Video (I know it's not YouTube, but let's be video-provider-agnostic here, shall we?) for what life would be like if it was like World of Warcraft. Ouch.

July 27, 2006

Bond gets the nod & Barney Fife gets the axe

So there's now a date set for the next Bond film: November 14. The screening at the Odeon Leicester Square in London represents the annual Royal Film Performance, with all funds raised going to the Cinema & Television Benevolent Fund. Apparently this is an achievement of some notoriety, as only one movie a year receives this designation.
The movie opens November 17 here in the states. And so the waiting begins.

Meanwhile, in North Carolina, a statue of Barney Fife (from the old Andy Griffith show) just can't seem to get it's act together, so it's being destroyed. Poor Don Knots. First there were all those "misunderstandings" on Three's Company, and now this.

Who wants to be a Superhero?

Hot on the heels of yesterday's discussion and poll numbers of what superpower you'd choose if given the chance, comes a new TV program: Who Wants to be a Superhero? It's on SciFi network, and the show is done by none other than Stan Lee. Would you expect anyone else? The series premieres tonight at 9 pm (check out a review from the NY Post here), so sorry for the short notice but get those Tivo boxes working. 'Nuff said.

July 25, 2006

Scotty's Ashes & a Star Trek Parody

James Doohan, the chief engineer on the old Star Trek show as well as the first five movies, died last year and his ashes were supposed to be shot into space shortly thereafter. Well, that's been pushed back a bit but it's now scheduled for October. Overhead in the meeting room where this decision was made, "Captain, we can't wait any longer!"

Now that you're thinking about Star Trek, check out this Star Trek parody Star Wreck, an amateur film. This story from the Register says the movie came out last October, but I never heard about it. Now myself and others can catch up by checking it out. If it's anywhere near as good as that amateur Star Wars movie Revelations, that would be impressive indeed.

Man Skirt and the Blow-up Man

These stories seem like they should be grouped together. First. a New Zealand lawyer is protesting the so-called "old-boys" network by wearing a skirt to the courtroom. He wants to be called "Ms. Alice" from now on.

For all those women out there who feel uncomfortable driving alone, there's a new blow-up man to help them. He rides along and makes the woman feel more secure driving at night. But does the blow-up man make bad jokes, demand to drive and crank up the music when AC/DC comes on? Well, then, you're only getting part of the experience, aren't you?

Revenge of the Brick

Those folks over at Legos sure must love Star Wars, and good for them I say. They've done a great job incorporating Star Wars into the Legos world. From the Legos building sets where you can build practically anything you've seen in the movies to the Star Wars Legos video game last year (which was great), they've done it all. Now they're doing their own spoof movies. Check it out: Star Wars Revenge of the Brick. Quicktime plug-in required.

July 24, 2006

Free video editing tools

If you're using your PC to store and edit camcorder video you've taken, check out these free tools to help edit it.

I know it's only one story, but it IS a Monday and I'm beat. To quote Jerry Seinfeld, "I'm operating on no sleep...no sleep!" I'll try to come up with more later.

July 21, 2006

Vader and Bush video clips, great video game moments

More YouTube goodness. For all the Star Wars fans out there (isn't that everybody?) check out Chad Vader, day shift manager at a supermarket. He's the lesser force-gifted brother of Darth Vader.

There's also quite a bit of hoopla concerning President Bush's impromptu back rub he gave German Chancellor Angela Merkel. The YouTube video is here, but it's only a few seconds long. We take what we can get some days. Apparently, so does Bush.

For a nostalgic look at gaming, check out 55 greatest video game moments. Sad to say, I remember lots of the older ones but not some of the newer ones. Although I was a big Star Wars: Shadow of the Empire fan, as well as Burnout Revenge. That's mixing the old with the new. I'm just annoyed they didn't list Tron.

July 20, 2006

Inexpensive MP3 players

It seems like everyone's got an MP3 player nowdays. Grownups, teenagers, kids -- heck, there's even a fisher price mp3 player for the smallest users out there. A while back I jumped on the bandwagon after having iPod envy; (check out the August 15, 2005 post) I was granted relief in the form of a black iPod Nano last Christmas morning. While I love it, and probably wouldn't trade it for anything, I have seen that other devices do more and cost less. Hmm..maybe I was hasty in my bandwagon-jumping. Check out this list of top MP3 players under $100. Each one is worth a look.

Sudoko - I Have You Now

Instructions for helping you to solve any Sudoko puzzle.

YouTube's Best, Art and Artists Galore

Some great YouTube videos, including "the extreme diet Coke and Mentos experiment". I first saw that re-created on Late Night with David Letterman (you can see Dave do it here but you'll need RealPlayer), but this YouTube clip inspired Dave to do it. There's ten videos in all, including Microsoft's Steve Ballmer doing his now infamous "Developers" chant, and a Steve Jobs clip from 1981, where he dared to dream about a computer that would be the size of a book. Hey, was he right or was he right?

Also, check out the guy who designs Google's logos. You've seen them plenty of times-- not just the regular Google logo, but all the special ones too, such as the Holiday ones (Christmas, New Years, Valentine's Day, etc.) and any other special events.

Speaking of artists, you too can be a comic book creator, 21st century style. This new software [supposedly] makes it easy. Go here for the full story.

July 18, 2006

Livin' LaVida DaVinci

OK, so who knew it was only a matter of time before this happened? A soccer mom from Los Angeles claims to be from the bloodline of Jesus Christ and Mary Magdalene. One more thing for DaVinci Code fans to check out.

A movie of interest

Just found out that a work acquaintance is going to be in a movie. It's about older dancers, 40-61 years old, and how they push themselves to follow their dream. Check it out: everydaydancers.com.

To Blogger or not Blogger?

With the renewal of the site I've been thinking about the way it's set up and published. One thing I don't like is the fact that the Blogger tool I'm publishing through has it's own way of maintaining the front page. I can either set it to 30 days or 30 posts. What that means though, is that old posts don't get archived and removed from the main page until new ones take it's place. Case in point: if you don't blog for a while (me, lately) then start blogging again (me, now) you'll end up with posts on your front page from a year ago. And that's what's happening right now. Ugh. There are posts there from last summer, and there's no apparent way for me to get rid of them, unless I replace them with new posts which fill up the page and force the older ones off.

So, for now, I'm continuing down the blogger path, but may switch to another method if this stays a problem. The layout would stay the same, but the ability for readers to add comments would be gone. I'm not sure that's a problem since there's not much commenting anyway.

Stay tuned.

Back in Business

Well, for a long time I didn't think I had anything to say. There were for sure some good opportunities for blogging, lots of funny stuff that happened in the news, and plenty of other topical things to write about. But I just wasn't taking the time. After taking the time off, I feel ready to go at it again. That, plus the fact that I've done some site housekeeping that makes me happy. The past articles page has now been updated, and I'm quite happy with it. When I made the move to blogger in 2004, it had it's own way of archiving the stories, which didn't mesh well with the way I was doing and organizing it. So I finally buckled down and made the two work well together, and updated the corresponding page to list everything. Check it out sometime; the past articles are pretty fun to read and it's also fun to see how this site has progressed, both editorially and most noticeably, visually. Different layouts have been tried over different years and you see the directions I've gone and the choices I've made. It's a neat site time-capsule.

You should see some more posts in the future. Enjoy!