March 23, 2006

Zodiacal lights


ZODIACAL LIGHTS: When the sun does down tonight and the glow of sunset fades away, another glow will take its place--the Zodiacal Lights. If you live in the northern hemisphere, this is the best time of year to see them. They stretch upward from the western horizon forming a pale luminous triangle visible from places with dark skies. Zodiacal Lights are faint but pretty, and worth a trip to the countryside to see.

OK, so everyone go out tonight and take a look. The closest we'll probably get to Northern lights. Hopefully it will be a good show.

March 21, 2006

Microsoft Handheld Gaming Device?

It seems plausible enough. The XBox has been a huge success, taking market share away from rival Sony's Playstation and gathering a huge following. Gamers nowdays are really left in one of two camps: Xbox or Playstation. Rarely both. With that as the history, it's no surprise Microsoft would want a piece of that other gaming pie: mobile games. While Nintendo has been the undisputed monopolistic leader in that space for years (the last decade, really), things changed last year when Sony introduced the Sony Playstation Portable (PSP). So, does it surprise anyone that Microsoft might want a piece of that action too? It shouldn't. They've got the resources, and the Xbox technology to springboard off of. Plus, the technology is so strong these days that there are small enough processors to make your handheld almost as strong as your desktop machine -- certainly as fast as a full fledged gaming device like a Playstation. And finally, Microsoft's got deep enough pockets to weather any financial shortfalls while it's machine builds a following; that's exactly what they've done with the Xbox.

All in all, I'd say it's perfectly plausible this thing might happen. We'll have to wait and see for sure.

Teenager Hacks Story Into Google's News page

Hey, it seems pretty innocent. This teenager found out how he could get a story published on Google's News page by submitting it to the online service Google
gets it's news from. So, he conjures up a story about how he got a job at Google doing some debugging, and submits the story. It gets picked up by Google News, and that's where the real problems started.

Hey, cut the kid a break. It was just a proof-of-concept thing. It worked. Early April Fool's joke, maybe.

New software coming out from Microsoft and Google

Today must be announcement day. Microsoft's releasing more information about Windows Vista and Google's launching a financial site. The Google site looks interesting; if they can retain their classic Google simplicity, it may make investing, tracking, and decision-making easier for investors.

March 20, 2006


It's finally spring! The miraculous event ocurred just a few minutes ago, at 1:26 PM. Therefore, I am very happy to announce that Spring has arrived!

To learn more about the specifics of why Spring arrives when it does, check out
Wikipedia's page on Spring
, and this one from USA Today.

Enjoy! I know I will.