September 11, 2005

A Test Page Built

I recently made some comments that I was unhappy with this site's template that I use from Blogger. I've noticed it's just like everyone else's site now, which, as a web designer, I abhorr. So, I also mentioned that I may create some new site looks and post them here. The first such test page has been built, and you can now take a look at it. Is this the new Revision Bar? I'm not sure. The colors look OK, but I'm just not sure about them. The black background has been the constant thing among all the different looks this site has had, even now it's still a black background. So that part is probably still OK. I'm just not sure about the gray text box. I may play around with the colors a bit, and if I find something I like, I'll post that too. Stay tuned. And do tell me if you like this new page look or not.

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