September 22, 2005

It's Autumn!

Yeah, I really hate to see Summer go. Summer ending means that the dream is over. What dream am I referring to? The dreams we all had about what we would do with this summer. You see, it starts sometime around May, usually right around Memorial Day, the unofficial start of summer. We all think "We've made it through the winter. Spring was a mixed bag, but we made it through that too. Now, it's finally warming up for good and summer's here! What kinds of things do I want to plan?"

And that's how it starts. The dreams of summer. Those of us who are lucky get to realize all or most of those dreams. Other people get mired down in their day to day routine and only get fleeting glimpses of their intentions. The dreams of summer can be a mighty powerful temptation, and a cruel mistress.

Summer ending marks an end to all that. An end to the warm weather, or at least the beginning of the end. The days have been getting shorter for a while now already, and it will only get worse.

It means an end to all those dreams. It means that all the cool things you've been doing, such as hanging out with friends, doing things outside, going bicycle riding, swimming, and whoever knows what else, is now...


At least for another 272 days. <grin>

Whatever else it means, I hope you enjoyed it and it was good to you.

Welcome now Autumn 2005. Official as of 6:23 PM today.

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