August 31, 2005

Web Tool - NVU

Check out NVU, a new web design software, open sourced and made from the Mozilla core. It's free...looks OK from a first glance. I may pick it up and start playing with it. You may see some of my designs posted here in the future.

Free scheduling - EssentialPIM

Just saw this on CNET's A free calendar/to do list called EssentialPIM. I've always wondered how I'd manage my information without my PalmPilot; maybe this is how.

August 24, 2005

Google's instant messaging application is ready TODAY. Previous thoughts and reports were that it might be next Wednesday. The future is now, it seems. So far no real feature that sets it apart from any other instant messaging app, though.

August 23, 2005

Google Instant Messaging?

A report in the Los Angeles Times states that Google is preparing it's own instant messaging system. While this is a rumor that's been going around for a quite a while, dating back to last year, this one takes it a step further. It says it could be released as early as next Wednsesday.

August 22, 2005

Creating DVD Covers

For those that have a DVD burner of some kind, here's some good news: there's free software called DVD-cover Printmaster that helps create the covers. Simply drag and drop any graphic you want to use and it resizes it automatically for you.

August 21, 2005

Now that's a basic website

Mowing my yard today with my riding lawn mower, I was almost done and I got a flat tire. Somebody suggested Fix a Flat, that product that squirts into the tire and inflates it at the same time. So, I looked them up on the web and found their web site. Smallest site I think I've ever seen. Simple, yes, but really not much information.
Pretty funny actually. "Here's our product. Now buy it." I think that's the message they're sending.

August 15, 2005

US Copyright Office makes bad call

The US Copyright office mentions it's redesigning it's web site. Says it's going to be IE Only, and asks people to respond whether they'd mind that or not. Ummm....yes, we would mind. Add support for Firefox at least, and Opera too, if you're feeling charitable. Designing this for IE only is a mistake.

Jerk Software

It's about time somebody created this.

Beware daylight savings time

President Bush has proposed a change to Daylight Savings Time, a move that could screw up gadgets and other time-keeping devices.

iPod Cravings

OK, so I'll just come out and admit that I want an iPod. I've been thinking about it for quite some time, and
while I do have my trusty Palm Tungsten E to play MP3s on the go, I think it's just not the same as what an iPod
would give me. For one, the form factor is quite a bit smaller. The Tungsten E needs a case and then where do I store it?
If it's fall or winter, it might fit in the pocket, but right now with temperatures in the 90s every day, there are no such luxuries. And forget about putting it in my pants pockets. Without the case, maybe, but with the case, no way.
The iPod however, is much smaller; from the Shuffle which would positively disappear in any pocket to the Mini which, although larger, would likely do the same. Both are better travel companions and smaller than the Palm. Then there's the hardware and software issues. While the Palm is OK in that department using a 5-way naviagation switch on the front and the Real Music player to play the songs, it's by no means on the same level as the iPod. The unique click wheel on the front does it all,and with the shuffle itself there's no screen to mess with. Heck, even the Mini allows better browsing and selection of songs than the Palm.
I remember a few times trying to select the song I wanted on my Palm while driving -- mistake. There's just not enough time to do it while driving; but the iPod makes it so easy I feel like I could use it in the car.

So enough rambling. I want one, not sure when I'll get one. I'm torn between the 1GB Shuffle ($129) and the Mini ($199). I think for the extra $70 the Mini may be the clear winner.
Although there's always this bad boy from Creative, the Zen Vision, another entry into the mp3 wars.

It also seems Microsoft wants a better piece of the mp3 pie, and has started unleashing the lawyers. Fun.

August 05, 2005

Kerouac's "On the Road" Soon to be On the Screen

Francis Ford Coppola is bringing Jack Kerouac's On the Road to the big screen.
I imagine 3+ hours of frantic storytelling, and when you leave the theater you feel like you've just run a marathon. It will feature very good storytelling, much like the book did.

August 03, 2005

Python under Dishwasher

Dude, I would be SO out of there and calling the 1-800 number for the maintenance agreement on this dishwasher.

Fat Man Walking

In a quest to change his life and lose weight, 350 pound Steve Vaught is walking across America. He started on April 10 and his trek will take him from San Diego to New York City.
Check out his progress at his web site, The Fat Man Walking.

AOL's Free Stuff

For all those who see value in AOL's proprietary offerings (i.e. not me), but not willing to pay the price, breathe easy: much of the content will shortly be free. Truth be told, the beta is going on now, so you could consider it free already. As time goes on and this moves out of the beta stage, expect to see more content available. Teenagers of the world, rejoice! No matter what internet service your parents have, you can still pretend you're an AOL user. You can even shout "You've Got Mail" at the monitor.

Software Worth Looking At

A good application for maanaging the mountains of data. Be it pictures, text files, HTML, whatever, Evernote will help you manage it. Check out a description of it in this CNET story and then head over the EverNote site to download and give it a try.

While you're in the process of downloading stuff, check out the new functions of Flickr. Seems like data organization is becoming a new buzzword these days.

And finally, related to photos, comes video, which Flash 8, due to be released next month, looks to take over. I know for sure if Flash starts doing video, I'd rather use that that some other proprietary format.

August 01, 2005

What is Podcasting?

I keep hearing about it, but had only a vague idea of what it was. Here's a nice entry in the WikiPedia site: Podcasting.