July 24, 2005

Windows XP CD Burning

Yeah, the internet is a great place. You can find answers to those questions and problems that plague you. In today's case, I've been having a problem with my computer for quite some time now. I burn CDs a lot using my CD recorder. As soon as I upgraded to Windows XP, I discovered the new built-in CD Burning wizard. I loved it. It made burning CDs that much easier. Well, after a year or two of using that (hmm...how long has Windows XP been out anyway?) suddenly it stopped working. I haven't had time to really debug it, and plus I could always go back to using Nero, which was still installed and working. I could always create the CD that way.

Tonight though I put in the time to find the fix. Turns out there's a Services category of Windows that I really hadn't played with much (Start / Settings / control panel / Admin tools / Services).
There you can turn various things on and off. Guess what? One of them is the CD Burning ability, marked as IMAPI CD-Burning.
On my system it was turned off, and set to Manual. Damn! Well, at least I know now and can re-enable it.

At the moment, I'm happy.

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