July 20, 2005

MP3 restrictions

I feel their pain. I've recently become very soured on the online music shops such as WalMart's music service and Real since I've bought music from each store and can't play it the way I want. One one occasion, I wanted to use a song I bought from Wal Mart as part of a digital photo slide show. I couldn't, because it was marked "restricted". I bought an album on Real's music service, and couldn't play it in my car, which Real had said was within the guidelines. Yet, it wouldn't work.

As stated in the story referenced and linked above, the lure of the cheap music found at the online music stores sometimes doesn't work out in your favor. Sure, you've got the music, but can you play it where and when you like? For my part, I've pretty much gone back to physical CDs. Oh yeah, and then I rip them into MP3s and use them as I please.



  1. Grrr! I that same thing happened to me with Apple! It's a huge bummer...that's why I steal mine...WAIT! I mean, I buy them from the store. ha! I don't pirate! Who, me?

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