June 29, 2005

Expect changes

I've been fiddling with this site for a while now. After a period of non-activity last year and into this year, I recently recommitted to updating. I'm a big fan of the blog activity, both as a way of sharing data and experiences, and also as a way of chronicling what I've seen on the net and any experiences I may have had.

One thing bothers me though. In moving this site to Blogger, it's lost it own unique look and feel. The old site used to have one. I designed it. I loved it. It was functional, cross-browser, and loaded fast. It was done with tables. I've since moved on to the big wild world of cascading style sheets (CSS) and love them too. Much easier to create and update a page than tables. Clean coding. However, I've found that style sheets are interpreted different in different browsers, and that is a royal pain. The page will look fine in IE, but not in Firefox, for instance. So then I moved the site to Blogger and adopted one of their templates. At first it was fine; I was happy just to get everything working and able to post. Blogger has a lot of nice advantages, such as automatic archiving and the ability for readers to post comments. These are features that would be extremely hard for me to code into the site on my own. So, it's great that Blogger provides it and it makes Blogger the tool I'd like to use to update the site. However, I've become less enamored lately of the template. I've seen many other Blogger sites that use the same template, and you know, that's not great. You never want to see a site that looks the same as yours. Individuality and all that, you know? Plus, when you actually know HTML and CSS, there's no reason for it. So, my big push now is to a) come up with a newer design for this site, something fresh and great, and b) get that site to work with the specific tags used by Blogger. That way the comments feature remains intact.

I'll keep you posted as this progresses. No doubt you'll see the changes when I push them live. Stay tuned.

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