July 02, 2004

Some Gmail tidbits

I haven't posted about Gmail much since getting it from ksra_sra at gmailswap. I guess I've had it a little less than a month now and it's just fantastic. I've totally dumped my old email account, despite it being a POP3 compliant and being able to download messages and read them offline. The heck with that, I now say, since I got so much spam that what I was actually downloading most of the time were viruses. So, now I use gmail and go through the web and it's fast. Real fast. It's so fast I hardly notice any difference in speed between using it and Eudora. Now that's cool. And with 1GB the storage is, for the most part, unlimited. Or at least I'll never have to worry about reaching my limit for say, the next 6-10 years or more.

Gmail hasn't pleased everyone, however. Many privacy advocates are unhappy with the targeted ads that appear inline with the messages. Some even have set up sites proclaiming how "creepy" gmail is. To each their own, I guess.

To ksra_sra, who gave me the account, I simply say thank you. It took me a while to create the CD full of software I promised at gmailswap, but I mailed it yesterday so it should be there soon. You're globe-hopping right now anyway, as documented in your blog, so hopefully you haven't missed it too much. Loved the balloon animals, by the way.

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  1. You're very welcome. I found the disk very useful! And I AM going to send you some material. I promise!