June 09, 2004

Note the new format

Yesterday I migrated the main Revision Bar page over to the new Blogger template. After using Blogger for about a month, and figuring out how it works and what the benefits were, I decided to take the plunge. It's definitely a network-centric approach to doing things. I can edit this site using any computer, and that's a good thing. Posting couldn't be easier, either. I find that all in all, I post more often simply due to the simplicity afforded me by the Blogger methodolgy.

I also hooked in the older pages (pre Blogger; Feb. 2000 - April 2004) so you'll still be able to access those. I chose a new template using Blogger so the old pages and the newer ones basically match. There are some differences, but not terrible. I feel it's nice to have some clue to the fact that changes have been made to the site design over the years, thus providing some insight that the site is making progress. Look for the older pages on the right hand side under Archives -- Older Archives.

Hopefully you'll enjoy the new look as I do. This site has always been an evolutionary thing for me. A way to test new things out and see what works. Although I will miss hand-coding everything, this will be fun for awhile and offers many advantages, such as the ability for you to leave comments. Although no one has done so yet, I hope to get some feedback in time and build up a nice rapport with whoever reads these pages.


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