June 09, 2004

Handheld status

A few days ago I mentioned that I've sold my handheld devices and am currently deviceless. The experience has been interesting to say the least. While I am a believer in the power of these devices to store data, and also that they can be much easier and faster to use than powering up your laptop to check your calendar, that convenience has come at a price. Both financial and figurative. The devices are expensive, and are seen as geek tools. Neither of which I like, and both of which I'd like to avoid. So, I ditched my old devices and decided to see if I could go it alone. No devices.

I'm not sure if I can.

I find myself reaching for one to check my calendar. To find a contact. To make a notation to myself. It's frustrating at times and I find myself thinking "just go to the store, pick out a new one and move on". But it's not quite that easy. The one I would want would have to have wireless internet capability (wifi) capability, and they're not cheap. Whereas you can get a basic PDA for $150, I don't want one of those. I just sold 2 devices that were better than that, so why settle?

We'll see in time if I can actually live without one, or if I crack and buy something. Any bets? Leave a comment by clicking the comments link. (Although there may be a notice saying anonymous posts are not allowed, they are in fact fine. Post away.) Any PDA suggestions are fine, too.

You know, just in case I decide to buy. :-)

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