June 09, 2004

Email notes - spymac

In my quest for a better email provider, I decided yesterday to try spymac. What a waste. I had read on forums that the service wasn't great, was slow, etc, but you never know what ax these people have to grind when they make such comments. So, I signed up. Pretty much a mistake. What I'm left with now is an account that I'll probably never use and will hopefully get deleted after a period of inactivity. It's just that the service is slow, and the interface is pretty bare bones and not attractive to use at all. It doesn't seem to support much, if any, HTML mail, and you certainly can't compose an HTML mail. It's just painful to use. So I won't.

An interesting side note is that Yahoo Mail is looking better and better as I compare it to all the others. Although I predict gmail will still be better overall, Yahoo's combination of a real decent spam filter and support for HTML messages really make it shine. It's actually quite fast too, and when they increase everyone's quota to 100 MB this summer, it will really be a contender. I don't think it will be better than gmail, but maybe these combinations of features will be appealing.

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