June 29, 2004

Cell phones safe for men

Men, feel free to use your cell phones. Your sperm count will be fine.

Ken gets dumped

Barbie has dumped Ken, her longtime boyfriend, for an Australian surfer dude named Blaine. Breakups are so hard. I just hope she's happy.

June 24, 2004

Jamestown surgery

A new find at the historic Jamestown settlement in Virginia shows that they had surgeons and apparently performed surgery to relieve pain. One such skeleton which appears to have holes drilled in him to relieve pain has been found.

Hotmail says 'me too'

Hotmail is now saying it's going to up the limit for it's users, at least the paying ones. Gee, all this innovation and new features. Maybe we could have all used this years ago? Slackers.

June 18, 2004


Scientists have successfully broken down the quantum state, the state that describes the properties of matter, of one atom and transported it to another. In theory, this could mean that teleportation could be possible.

Medieval Fun

Went on a trip yesterday to the Lyndhurst, NJ location of Medieval Times. What a trip. Lots of swordplay, horses and fighting, and treachery. All in all a great show and well worth the price of admission. Remember there's no knives and forks (eat with your hands heathens) and do yourself a favor by visiting the optional dungeon exhibit. Lots of good old fashioned torture devices for your viewing pleasure.

June 15, 2004

Very interesting

I just checked another of my Yahoo accounts, interestingly enough not to see if the space limit had been put it into effect, but to actually check my inbox. To my surprise, I now have 100 MB and a newer interface. Awesome. However, for some reason, my other Yahoo account, which is much older (opened somewhere around 1997), has NOT gotten the space increase yet. My guess is that either 1) they hate me and want my account to remain grandfathered in at a smaller MB limit or 2)that they're gradually making the change to all the accounts and just haven't gotten to my other account yet.

I choose to think that it's option number 1.

For all you Yahoo Mail users, go check out your inbox and see what's up. There may be a big surprise waiting for you.

Yahoo ups the ante

Looks like Yahoo's upping the ante for it's free email service today. Subscribers will get 100 MB, and Yahoo says it's going to clean up the interface, which has long been derided as cluttered with advertising. This is Yahoo's attempt to thwart Google's gmail, or at least keep the subscribers it has.

I just checked my Yahoo account, but the limit hasn't been raised yet. Maybe it goes into effect later today.

June 11, 2004

Mission accomplished

Oh, Yeah, I'm on Gmail now baby! Haven't had hardly any time to play with it yet, but I'm in there. Now comes the hard work of switching all my differnet subscriptions so they point to my new gmail account. Then we'll see how well it holds up under some stress. You know the best part? I actually got the username I wanted. No funky numbers or anything that's hard to remember. I'm lovin' it. And a big thanks to "ksrasra" who gave it to me at gmailswap. She'll be posting soon to this site, but for now you can check out her existing blogs here and here.

Might I be getting gmail?

I took another shot at getting gmail today. This time I actually thought up something good I could offer at gmailswap.com. Previously I didn't know what I would put up for grabs. Check out what I offered here. Within 10 mintutes, I had someone say "I'll take that offer". If it all comes to pass I'll have a gmail account, and we may have a new contributor with their very own column here on The Revision Bar. Things may get quite interesting around here. I like change!

June 10, 2004

gmail on ebay

Just for kicks I looked up gmail auctions on Ebay. Amazing. Some people selling it outright for $100. There are reports of one guy last night selling one for $2000. Looks like business is still booming.

I hear there are new invitations available. Maybe that's what is fueling all this activity.

Atlantis found?

The BBC has a story claiming Atlantis has been found. Photos included.

June 09, 2004

154 now

Hmm... over at The Giving Tree, I'm now number 154 in line to get a gmail invitation. Strange...when I signed up I was number 153. No line cutting!

Email notes - spymac

In my quest for a better email provider, I decided yesterday to try spymac. What a waste. I had read on forums that the service wasn't great, was slow, etc, but you never know what ax these people have to grind when they make such comments. So, I signed up. Pretty much a mistake. What I'm left with now is an account that I'll probably never use and will hopefully get deleted after a period of inactivity. It's just that the service is slow, and the interface is pretty bare bones and not attractive to use at all. It doesn't seem to support much, if any, HTML mail, and you certainly can't compose an HTML mail. It's just painful to use. So I won't.

An interesting side note is that Yahoo Mail is looking better and better as I compare it to all the others. Although I predict gmail will still be better overall, Yahoo's combination of a real decent spam filter and support for HTML messages really make it shine. It's actually quite fast too, and when they increase everyone's quota to 100 MB this summer, it will really be a contender. I don't think it will be better than gmail, but maybe these combinations of features will be appealing.

Handheld status

A few days ago I mentioned that I've sold my handheld devices and am currently deviceless. The experience has been interesting to say the least. While I am a believer in the power of these devices to store data, and also that they can be much easier and faster to use than powering up your laptop to check your calendar, that convenience has come at a price. Both financial and figurative. The devices are expensive, and are seen as geek tools. Neither of which I like, and both of which I'd like to avoid. So, I ditched my old devices and decided to see if I could go it alone. No devices.

I'm not sure if I can.

I find myself reaching for one to check my calendar. To find a contact. To make a notation to myself. It's frustrating at times and I find myself thinking "just go to the store, pick out a new one and move on". But it's not quite that easy. The one I would want would have to have wireless internet capability (wifi) capability, and they're not cheap. Whereas you can get a basic PDA for $150, I don't want one of those. I just sold 2 devices that were better than that, so why settle?

We'll see in time if I can actually live without one, or if I crack and buy something. Any bets? Leave a comment by clicking the comments link. (Although there may be a notice saying anonymous posts are not allowed, they are in fact fine. Post away.) Any PDA suggestions are fine, too.

You know, just in case I decide to buy. :-)

Note the new format

Yesterday I migrated the main Revision Bar page over to the new Blogger template. After using Blogger for about a month, and figuring out how it works and what the benefits were, I decided to take the plunge. It's definitely a network-centric approach to doing things. I can edit this site using any computer, and that's a good thing. Posting couldn't be easier, either. I find that all in all, I post more often simply due to the simplicity afforded me by the Blogger methodolgy.

I also hooked in the older pages (pre Blogger; Feb. 2000 - April 2004) so you'll still be able to access those. I chose a new template using Blogger so the old pages and the newer ones basically match. There are some differences, but not terrible. I feel it's nice to have some clue to the fact that changes have been made to the site design over the years, thus providing some insight that the site is making progress. Look for the older pages on the right hand side under Archives -- Older Archives.

Hopefully you'll enjoy the new look as I do. This site has always been an evolutionary thing for me. A way to test new things out and see what works. Although I will miss hand-coding everything, this will be fun for awhile and offers many advantages, such as the ability for you to leave comments. Although no one has done so yet, I hope to get some feedback in time and build up a nice rapport with whoever reads these pages.


The giving tree

While continuing my search for gmail, I found a new site called The Giving Tree. It's a site where people who want gmail can put their name on the list. People who are current gmail users can see your name on the list and send you your invite. The stipulation is that once you're a registered member and get invites of your own to pass out, you'll come back to The Giving Tree to pass them out. Thus, everybody wins. I put my name on the list and was told there are 153 people ahead of me. Not too bad actually. I've been waiting weeks already, what's a few more days or so?

I've also read that Google has decided to open up more invitations and have given each current gmail member 3 more invitations. If true, that's good news for me and makes my odds of getting one better.

June 08, 2004

Supersize Me

The independant movie Supersize Me is making a big splash at the box office already, and it's only been released to a small number of theaters. Some of us (ahem, ahem) have been saying for years that fast food places like McDonalds are bad for your health.

June 03, 2004

gmail gmail gmail

Enough ranting? I still want gmail. Apparently nothing can bring me closer to this goal. I'm stuck waiting it out for the entire summer. It's too bad, because I could really use it to consolidate all my different accounts. It would be big enough that I could hopefully go down to just one. Patience, patience, patience.

What to do if you're caught in a tornado

Look out Dorothy. This is Kansas, and it's Tornado town. This woman apparently thought the correct thing to do was to go to the bathroom. She was right.

Handhelds no more

I'm currently palmpilot-less. I've sold all my recent goodies on Ebay. Stuff that was either outdated or infuriating. My Palm Tungsten T, my Audiovox Maestro. With both these devices gone, I now have no more handheld to help organize my life.

I'm thinking about a new Palm Zire, or maybe an HP Ipaq. Two different platforms, choices to make. Sony's out of the market now and I was pretty much set on a Clie. Rumors are that the prices on the Clies will be going down now to clear out the stock, but I'm still not sure. Buying on now just means it's a dead device with no future.

June 01, 2004

Sony to exit handheld space

Looks like I won't be buying a Sony Clie handheld in the future.

Still no gmail luck

Just an FYI, still looking to get into gmail. And still no luck. Seems invitations are very hard to come by, which may explain why Ebay's been so busy lately. I'm tempted to go to spymac, which also offers 1GB of storage, but I really like the indexing method that gmail uses, where you don't use folders, you assign labels.

Guess I'll keep waiting. Patience has it's place.

check out yafro

Yafro, a site where people can spontaneously post pictures of themselves and other things that catch their interest. Pictures taken while out and about with cell phones are popular on this site, as are nude or provocative pictures, for some reason. If you're into exhibitionism, check it out or start posting.