May 19, 2004

So What's this All About?

Lots of you may be wondering what this is all about. A whole new format, audio links...what is up?
Well, here's the story. I'm experimenting with a new format and new content delivering system for the revision bar. Currently, and historically, I have hand-coded the files (which I love, by the way) and manually FTP-ed the files over to the server. However, with the hand coding and manual manipulation of the server came certain restrictions. For instance, I would like to implement a "talkback" system where users, that is--ANY user, with or without permission, could send comments about something I've written and have it posted to the site. That proved harder than I thought, and so I started looking around. Blogger provides that functionality and much more. Check it out:

  • The ability to post from any PC via a web browser. No files need to be on the PC your'e sitting at because they're all on the blogger server
  • The ability to post from a handheld device (Palm, PocketPC, etc)
  • The ability to send an email, with an included blog entry, directly to your site and have it posted.
  • The ability to post from a cellular phone. The entries get saved as .MP3 files and your site visitors can listen to your audio posts. There's one on this site right now.
  • Automatic archiving of content. After a month, all the content goes from the front page to an archive section to make room for the newer stuff. Automatically. Very cool.

So, the bottom line is I'm trying this format out, and I encourage you to also. If it all works out well, I may switch to using this and have the full Revision Bar run this way instead of just a subset as it is now. For now though, I encourage you to browse the page, check out some of the links, and definitely try the Comments section. It's the one feature I'm the most pumped about, because it could give me good feedback about who's reading this site. If people comment, I can begin to get a feel for who my readers are and what they'd like to see. We can also get that whole community thing going, which I think is essential to a good site.

Enjoy it, and let me know what you think.

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