May 24, 2004

Gmail. Summer. Darn.

Well, after much searching through the internet, I've come up with a timeline on when Google's Gmail might be available to the public. You know by this point, after all the posts I've made and the interest I've taken in it, that I'd like to get an account. My account isn't that great of a client, and although it does support POP3, downloading messages directly to my PC has introduced viruses more than once. So, it seems as if a webmail solution is my best bet, at least until the spam situation dies down (if ever). Enter Gmail, from Google. I'd love to get it, but so far I've only found 2 references as to when it might be available to the whole world. 90 days from it's invitation-only start (that would put it at the end of June) and an article that states "late summer" (-->go to article) This makes me unhappy. I really don't want to wait that long. [sigh].

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