May 25, 2004

Curses! Foiled Again!

OK, so now I'm really getting upset. I really want to get my hands on Google's gmail. I had read that the users of Blogger were getting first dibs as part of the beta testing (blogger being owned by Google -- makes sense). So, I had a Blogger account that rarely got used, and I started using it, hoping to get the elusive and much sought after invitation. No go. So, I figured (and read someplace else) that it must be for the very active Blogger users who post often. So I was bummed, but at least I thought I had the answer. I continue to use Blogger in the hopes that sometime soon I'll achieve a significant number of posts to warrant an invitation and also because the service is pretty cool and I'm considering this time my own "blogger beta testing".

Now, however, I read this post that another guy was in the same situation as me, with a dormant Blogger account that he started using, and he actually got the gmail invitation. Right away.

Seething. Anger. Bah.

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