May 19, 2004

About Us

The Revision Bar is my personal weblog, which originated in its most basic concept as email messages sent between myself and friends, circa 1996-1998. The emails were always pointing out new, cool stories, pictures, or videos on the Internet. These emails became so frequent I decided it would be easier, and more central, to start up a web site and just post everything there. Thus, in 1999, the Revision Bar was born.

The term "revision bar" comes from the publishing world where a horizontal bar ( | ) is put in the left hand margin of a printed page to indicate where revisions, or new information, have been added. With that same philosophy in mind, The Revision Bar points out the new and unique on the web, and sometimes my own point of view and ramblings.

If you want to learn more about me, check out my Blogger Profile. To learn more about this site, simply peruse the archives. While material from 1999-2000 was (sadly) not safeguarded properly, everything from 2001 - present is fully accounted for. Enjoy.