December 01, 2003

Happy December!

Happy December! Let the merriment begin! Hopefully everyone had a good Thanksgiving and has now recovered gastrointestinally from the deluge of foods and deserts. We now begin the Christmas season in earnest, as evidenced by the countdown timer to the right. Javascript sure is fun when applied properly.
We'll start off this month with some not so great news: there's trouble in the house of mouse. That's right, that bastion of cartoons and animation, Disney. What's Disney as a company without a Disney inside? Roy Disney, the nephew of founder Walt, has resigned his position in the company and wants current chief Michael Eisner to do the same.
How about this for a Christmas gift? A PDA accessory that charges your brain. Sadly, you'll have to go overseas to get it since it's just being introduced here in America and will need FDA approval. Stimulating brain waves...what won't they think of next.

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